05 February 2007

A mid-day savior

The last item I stuff into my daybag each morning is a headband.

It doesn't matter if my bangs look Nicole Ritchie or Gwen Stefani perfect when they're shy-eyed or pinned up, respectively, because from experience, I know how quickly those whisps of short hair can fail me. And there is nothing more frustrating than having no options when you're dealing with a forehead-to-bangs shine transference or an obstinate part that bifurcates your bangs into two entirely different entities.

If I make it past two in the afternoon with the same bang quality I walked in the door with, I'm usually home-free, but that is rarely the case.

Enter: the headband.

I know you're already thinking about the prohibitive headband-headache - and you should be, it's a legitimate problem that affects productivity - but comfortable headbands are truly out there for the finding. Out of the twenty or so in my rotation, only six offer more than a few hours of pain-free use, and among these, none can go the distance of an entire work day. But that's fine with me, because I'm not asking for more than a few hours of good performance. I don't need a Doc Gooden or a Ron Darling -- I'm looking for a Jesse Orosco to come in and finish things off.

Though I try not to have a the-more-expensive-the-better attitude when it comes to clothes and accessories (shoes are a different matter), with headbands, I have done the field research and it really is the case that your temples ache more quickly with a $4 Sc√ľnci than with a $52 France Luxe.

Here for you, are the six headbands I have found to be the most reliable in terms of comfort, shape maintenance and general wear-and-tear endurance:

Top to bottom:
1. Jessica headband by France Luxe ($52 at franceluxe.com)
2. Slicked back headband ($16 at anthropologie.com)
3. Gold silk headband by Rachel Weissman ($48 at jcmadison.com)
4. Horse bit headband by Cara Couture ($42 at shopintuition.com)
5. Ringed headband by Susan Daniels ($34 at lorisdesignershoes.com)
6. Two-toned silk headband ($14.99 at shopintuition.com)


Anonymous said...

the ones you show are all wide headbands -- what about skinny ones? any recs for good ones less than an inch thick?

Anonymous said...

why buy anything but rachel weissman?? everything they do is te best.