19 February 2007

Will Hollywood get it right?

On this balmy Winter day off from work, I'm off to do what I do second-best -- go to the movies.

I feel very fortunate to have a best friend who shares my passion for fashion and national security themed films. Two weeks ago it was the full sensory Factory Girl, today, it's the sobering reality of treason in Breach.

Though I am genuinely interested in the story of the staunchly Catholic Camelot regular Robert Hanssen, what I am most curious about is how accurately Luis Sequeira, costume designer for the set-in-DC film, wardrobed Laura Linney, Chris Cooper, Ryan Phillippe, and even the extras walking through the Hoover Building hallways and across the Federal Triangle courtyard. Does he go for authenticity by fashioning the young women with Mom bobs and boxy below-the-knee sheaths? Will the men don too-short trousers, have dry skin and button-down collars?

I have my doubts, but expect a full, well-evidenced report later on today...

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Anonymous said...

saw it and loved it! what did you think?