10 February 2007

Buh-bye ode to "Double Decker Red"

I told myself to give it a week
Saturday to Saturday
Let each day have its peek

I liked red okay, I liked red fine
Elicited compliments, of course
But it never really felt like mine

The switch failed to set me free
I knew it all along
Black to red t'was not meant to be

I tried hard, really it's true
But like it is with love
They know right away and so do you

Wiping the red off my hands and feet
Back to onyx I now comfortably retreat
The seven-day run was enough of a test
To prove it is with black that I feel my best


bff in chicago said...

You didn't even give it a chance!

But I have to admit, very few women can wear black in a professional situation and still look classy. You're one of them.

off to the biz-ar for cocktails!

knew you as hannie, too said...

black goes with more things, anyway. especially in your wardrobe - do what you feel!

as long as you don't feel like trying that Demi Moore in "Ghost" haircut again.

Johanna said...

Yeah, that was certainly the lowest point in my style history.

Thanks for bringing it up.

To you both, I *did* give the red a chance. More of a chance than I thought I would. It just didn't work out. It's too semi-permanent an accessory to just put up with.

I gotta love it to keep it.