18 February 2007

新年快乐! 猪年快乐!

Enjoy your jiaozi and baijiu, just remember not to pull that string of fireworks through the living room again.

You only get one kid, and unlike "demonstrates slow learning" or "exhibits signs of imaginative thinking," maimed in the course of New Year's festivities won't earn you a legal pass for a second.

Unless the victim in question is a girl, in which case you are not only granted permission to procreate but to engage in limited foreplay as well.


a fan said...

China is such a nutty country.

Happy Year of the Pig to you!

Anonymous said...

Chinese New Year is pretty much the only time of year when I actually miss living in that Commy country.

west coast devotee said...

A pig pog! Awesome!

brown bear '02 said...

who doesn't love to hate those cuddly Chinese?

Not that I would EVER go over there for more than a week, and even then, it'd be in a really nice hotel.

Where were you again, Mongolia? That's some crazy shit, right there.

Into bed I now go.

And yes, you *are* the last thing I read before I go to sleep every night now. Let that ego grow and grow and grow...