01 February 2007

Because you asked for it

A good number of my friends and acquaintances, some impressed, some quite the opposite, have asked me, "how do you know so much about nothing?"

The answer to that question is the list below. Here are the celebrity/fashion websites I check everyday - sometimes fourteen, fifteen times a day - in the order in which I check them:


Enjoy the gossip. And the pictures.

My favorite laugh-out-loud piece from yesterday centered on this gem of a photo of a multi-tasking Britney who manages to drink a Red Bull, smoke a half-pack of menthols, and pick out a swing-set for her two poor, poor children all in one busy braless afternoon. The astute observation on IDLYITW was that her present look bears an uncanny resemblance to Dog the Bounty Hunter. Though, to be fair, I should point out that after watching every episode of the past three seasons of Dog's show, I know for a fact his man-bosoms haven't drooped down to Texas like hers have.

And at least his ass vacuums.


BFF in Chicago said...

looking at that picture of Britney makes me want to take a sick day and curl up in a ball on my couch. how can someone fall so far in such a short 3 years?

Anonymous said...

Dog the Bounty Hunter is WAY better looking than Britney.

nyc admirer said...

if there's any good that comes out of these pictures, it's that Britney can set the record straight about not having had a boob job. from what I (ahem) hear, the fake kind don't droop down like that. unless, that is, she got them done by some trailer park "doctor" who used cheez whiz instead of saline.

Johanna said...

Pictures of celebrities in slovenly states like this don't make me feel pity. They don't even make me wistful for times like her 1999 MTV VMA striptease. No, now, at this point, seeing her like this just enrages me. She has more money than a CEO and more free time than a socialite, and yet she looks and acts like *this*? It's inexcusable.

Anonymous said...

I don't pity her, but I do pity the stylist she finally hires to clean her mess-ass up.

a fan said...

thanks for the list of websites. I had never heard of half of them! They're great!