27 February 2007

A bag worthy of your spandex shorts and NB992s

Whether you need a supplemental bag for gym clothes, your laptop, or the frosted, be-sprinkled sugar cookies you made "just 'cause" for your office-mates, please PLEASE leave the canvas monogrammed tote to the mall-walkers and late-night QVC addicts for whom these awful bags, along with their garish Paula Abdul-designed hammered aluminum multi-stone earrings and Quacker Factory embroidered tracksuits are their most stylish outfit components.

Instead, try one of those below.

And if the one you select ends up not being large enough to accommodate your shoes, just do like I do and tie-'em and throw-'em over the straps of your daybag -- I've found this to be an amazingly effective solicitor of oh-you-like-to-work-out-too? male attention.

Not that I'm at all promoting women should relish flattery based on superficial trappings. Gosh, that would set women back a few decades, wouldn't it?

While I go admire my good heart and big vocabulary in the mirror, please enjoy browsing my picks for secondary daybags:

Top to bottom:
1. Quilted double strap bag ($29.99 at urbanoutfitters.com)
2. Framed Emily tote ($39.99 at urbanoutfitters.com)
3. Braid trimmed tote by Xhiliaration ($19.99 at target.com)
4. Belted tote by Merona ($24.99 at target.com)
5. East/West tote by Kathy Van Zeeland ($92.95 at zappos.com)
6. Cheyenne NS tote by Tommy Hilfiger ($72.95 at zappos.com)
7. Oversized paneled shopper (£25 at asos.com)
8. “R you with me?” tote by Kenneth Cole ($68 at macys.com)
9. Nolita tote in Lippicat pink by LeSportsac ($56 at lesportsac.com)
10. Zip top shopper in silver black ($46 at lesportsac.com)

1 comment:

Asian Mistress said...

I have a bag similar to number 4...seriously it holds so much! I even paid the extra $5 for the fake croc look haha.

The only problem with carrying your life around with you, is that it KILLS your shoulder and back!

Combine that with stiletto pain and you are a hobbline hunchback. Hahaah.