10 January 2007

Wrong wrong wrong wrong WRONG.

I'm not not a fan of Ms. Berry, but she's 40 frickin' years old and needs to grow up.

Age inappropriateness aside, her decision to wear a minidress with a plunging neckline - and a metallic minidress at that - to a non-MTV awards show is inexcusable.

That she's packed on some "happy pounds" since dating this Canadian whatshisname isn't a bad thing (it's better than what happened to Keira Knightley, that's for sure), but the extra trips to Arby's for those à deux Jamocha shakes mean she needs to lengthen her hemline at least four inches and come to the realization that her carefree days of bralessness are long gone. Swordfish was six years ago, sweetheart. Pack 'em up.

The only thing that could make her look worse was if her glam squad decided to give her "the Barbara Hershey" from the neck-up.

Oh wait.

At least her open-toed strappy slingbacks and baby bump are cute.

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Empress of the Known Universe said...

It's nice to know someone else though what I was thinking when I saw her last night!

And wasn't it nice of her to give such great up-skirt shots to all those folks in the pit?