03 January 2007

When Xtina is the best dressed celebrichick on NYE...

...we're all losing the battle.

This is Christina in a simple textured chocolate brown Balenciaga gown hosting a fancy-pants $275/head NYC NYE party at Library Bar in the Hudson Hotel. Library is a favorite of mine, actually, and not for its $21.50 a flute rosé Champagne or its history-professor's-office decor that simply begs for naughty behavior when you're summer-tan and wearing a silk Nicole Miller plunge dress. No, the best thing about Library, in my opinion, is its two-story mirror.

Some girls want a diamond ring. I want that mirror.

Anyway, Christina. Great dress, great non-salacious décolletage, pretty good makeup (a bit heavy on the sparkly champagne shadow) and for the "hair" that's left on her head, she did the most with what she had. I would have left the gold necklaces at home, but at least the ones she chose were lightweight and didn't distract too much from her neckline.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still firmly on Britney's team, but I'd pinch-hit it if she asked me nicely.

p.s. as soon as I praised Miss A's makeup I had three dissenting e-mails, one of which accused me of "unclear sarcasm." To prove to you all that her game face was in fact appropriately glamified (it was NYE in NYC, after all) , here's a closeup to gawk at. Insert Nelson Munce "HA-hah" here.

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