22 January 2007

'Tis no small feet (part I)

And I do mean feet.

Of all the features I inherited from my Southeast Asian mother, I treasure none more than my ability to tan and tan easily. My skin is so suntan-prone that the strip of freckles across my nose even pops in the Winter months if I happen to catch some sun on my way to work.

Not far behind my Indonesian glow is my foot size. My teeny tiny half-Asian feet, for my above average height and Kentucky-girl frame (thanks, Dad), are as rare as an on-sale pair of Jimmy Choo slingbacks.

Why do women covet small feet? It's simple. Like a perfect C-cup looks good in every dress, small feet look good in every shoe. D'orsay, peeptoe, mule, strappy evening sandal, pointy-toe, round-toe, almond-toe -- women with a shoe size of 9 or smaller can wear all of these and more without consequence.

Women like Paris Hilton (pictured above) and the one I encountered today in ABP in a pair of pumps that were so big and so pointy that even though she was right behind me in line - the tips of her shoe points right at the back of my petite ballet flats - she was literally three feet away from me, do not fare so well.

Just like a woman with fat ankles can't - not shouldn't but can't - rock a skirt, women with pizza boxes for feet can't rock certain shoes.

Tips on flattering shoe styles for size 9 and larger, coming later on tonight...

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