15 January 2007

T - 7 hours

Golden Globe Awards (8-11pm) on NBC

Red carpet arrivals begin (6-8pm) on the E! Network

Since there aren't any women on ConnAve due to the holiday, I felt justified in taking today off from reality to live in the superficial celebrity world I much prefer, anyway.

Women whose dresses I'm most anticipating (in order):

Angelina Jolie: let's pray St. John comes up with something a little less Blanche Devereaux and little more Angie; let's also pray she ate a granola bar or a Handi-Snax since her frail appearance at "The Good Shepherd" premiere

Jessica "the Bah'um" Biel: tonight's a treadmill night and I actually need to see her for motivation; it's a good thing she's also a presenter, because the more I see of her, the higher I'll set my incline

Natalie Portman: I may not like her very much (and yes, it is Harvard-related), but I love 99% of what she wears. Point in case is the vintage Haute Couture Chanel dress pictured above she wore to last year's Golden Globes. I was speechless when I saw it. But then I saw her ankle-strap shoes and found my voice again.

Penelope Cruz: she's had such a streak of beautiful, interesting dresses during the promotional tour for "Volver," so I can't wait to see what she comes up with when it really counts.

Jennifer Garner: she needs to redeem herself after two straight years of cargo pants and GAP sweaters -- and for her marriage to that one dude who used to be famous.

Halle Berry: to be honest, I just want to see her fail again.

(Sienna Miller, as far as I know, is not attending. If she were, I'd nestle her in between my nemesis and Natalie)

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