05 January 2007

A long sweatshirt does not a tunic make

Whether you think the tunic and belt look is past its prime (or, like most men, you never liked it to begin with), I think most of us can agree it was a pretty hip, pretty modern and very popular trend in 2006.

It's unclear - and quite frankly too early to judge - which of last year's styles will sustain credibility in this new year. As such, I'm trying not to be too hard on women like the one I saw today getting a six-inch double meat Subway Club on 18th and M, who, in an attempt to interpret the tunic and belt look, essentially mocked it by substituting the former with an as-wide-as-it-was-long sweatshirt.

Yes, a SWEATshirt.

No, she was not being ironic.

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