09 January 2007

E! Online's Fashion Police is dead to me.

This is the worthless critique the E! network posted for the look I anointed best dress (so far) of 2007:

If you're buying, Sienna Miller is selling. Heck, the girl is practically giving the show away for free. Really, what else can we say about the down-to-there black sack dress she wore to the Palm Springs Film Festival...except, maybe, cover up!

Cover up?

Who in tarnation wrote this review, a woman who's pissed because even though she's given up the bread that comes with her Cosi salad and taken advanced spin for three years she still can't even begin to think about dreaming about wearing a dress half as exquisite as this vintage Ossie Clark? Someone needs to tell this hag that bitterness is bad for the complexion.

Look at her. She's art. She's an objectively beautiful fashion revelation from head to Louboutian-cradled toe.

Calling Eva Longoria and Jessica Simpson "fashion icons" this summer were Robert and Bobbie's first two strikes. Giving this dress one out of five stars sealed their fate -- www.eonline.com/fashion has officially been de-favorited from my laptop.


Anonymous said...

Well, um, that neckline IS a bit aggressive. Although (he says quickly) given the setting and the industry, not necessarily inappropriate. And she does have the body to carry it off.


Anonymous said...

I do not usually like Sienna Miller's sense of style, but I like the sharp square neckline of this dress. It is different than the traditional scoop or cowl neck which makes it interesting and I think the rest of the dress is demure enough that showing off one asset looks classy not trashy. It is not my favorite dress, but I think it is one of the best I've seen on Sienna.

Johanna said...

I agree with you both.

Even in New York, I think the dress could be out of place, but that she's wearing it in Palm Springs at a film festival - a sunny venue where showing skin is more acceptable - certainly makes it daring but not salacious. And yeah, she definitely has the perfectly sized goods to wear this low-cut neckline. Any smaller and it'd fall off of her; any bigger and she'd cross the line into trashy-ville.