12 January 2007

Casual Friday is no excuse for ho-boots, lowrise jeans, or black lipliner.

Together or separately.

Quickly, while I'm slurping down the last of my Harvest Pumpkin bisque, can I please just say that I thoroughly enjoy - and sometimes even partake in - a Casual Friday dress-down. What I do not enjoy, however, is seeing women who use this once-a-week privilege to dress like 8th graders going to a mall arcade.

On the other end of the spectrum is the faction of ConnAve females who seem to think Friday is akin to a dress-up-like-a-day-laborer day. These women break out the Keds, circa 1993 tapered ankle GAP jeans, and (shudder) a white-turtleneck/sweater or white-turtleneck/flannel shirt combo.

We're not here to mow lawns, ladies. Class it up.

An appropriate Friday outfit is dependent upon how casual your office will allow, but here's a hint: if you think it nears the gray area between appropriate and inappropriate, save it for the weekend.
I learned this rule the hard way when I brought SexyBack this Summer in above-the-knee pleated black dress shorts and 4-inch round-toed platform heels.

The first go-around, I just got looks (which I mistook for admiration), but the second time, I was less than gently advised to take advantage of the Ann Taylor near my office.