20 January 2007

Be careful what you wish for.

Since it was too cold to emerge from my cozy apartment today, I took to finding fashion inspiration indoors by leafing through photos from some of my favorite designers' Spring/Summer couture collections.

Judging from the Prada, Thakoon, Alessandro Dell'Acqua, Marchesa, Proenza Schouler and Zac Posen collections, my prayers for minidress longevity into 2007 were answered.

It seems, however, the mini for this year is less a mini than it is a seatbelt-wide excuse for three more inches of thigh exposure.

Check out some of the unrealistic, unwearable new short looks I'm sure I'll end up squeezing my hungry, gym-tired bottom into at some point during 2007:

Top to bottom:
1. White mini by Prada
2. Pink mini by Thakoon*
3. Grey mini by Alessandro Dell'Acqua
4. Metallic mini by Marchesa
5. '80s print mini by Proenza Schouler
6. Nude mini by Zac Posen

*your author's favorite

1 comment:

a Johanna fan said...

That pink mini dress is so ADORABLE!!!!! It's perfection!