29 January 2007

As promised

It took me an hour and a half last night, an hour this morning, and all of my lunch break today to find it, but here is the Internet's (seemingly) only picture of the back of Cate's beautiful Armani Privé dress from the SAG Awards.

The elongated pleats, which are not mirrored in front, are another reason to admire her vintage choice from this vantage point. Though her heels are a bit more upscale than what you might see on Jessica at Camelot, I still think they take away from the ensemble's overall classiness.

I think I speak for everyone with an ounce of taste, though, when I say I'm just thankful Cate didn't go the Heather Graham-route (see below).

These shoes probably set her back her last thousand dollars, which is sad, but also unwise given her current career trajectory -- wouldn't it have just been easier for her to arrive naked holding up a piece of paper that reads, "Generic blond with lopsided boobs willing to play any role Tara Reid turns down"?

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Melissa said...

Landon and I passed by a pair of these thick-soled pumps at Dillards. Without prompting him at all, I asked what he thought of them. He said, "stripper heels?" Exactly. Why don't you just wear a crotchless lace catsuit while you're at it. Guys get your "hint."