29 December 2006

While walking to Cosi for a make-your-own-salad

I saw 4 women wearing premium jeans at least a size too big for them. 2 Seven for All Mankind, 1 True Religion, and 1 Rock n' Republic.

If a woman is willing to pay upwards of $260 for her denim, why would she get a pair that make her bottom and waist look jelly-soft?

But then it hit me, these women might be in the same situation I am with my pair of Joe's Chelsea ultra cigarette stretches: the dreaded they-were-fine-when-I-bought-them-but-now-they're-too-big death spiral that occurs when we overuse the dryer and/or lose a bit of weight.

Unlike these women, at the first sign of saggy bottom syndrome, I folded my beloveds, thanked them for the 5 months of good performance they had given me, and put them to the back of my closet. In their place, I've done the best I can with trousers, dressy bermuda shorts, and even my Joe's Socialites, which is a much more bootcut cut that apparently - evidence being that Kate Moss and Rachel Bilson have been wearing this look lately - will make its way back to the streets in 2007. While I'm doubtful the skinny jean trend will meet its demise so soon, I'm also unconvinced I should invest a whole month's shopping allowance in another pair.

What to do, then?

Stay tuned. Lunch break coming to a close.

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