28 October 2007

Because looking at her makes me happy (UPDATED again)

I wish I could send you over to imagebeaver.com to peruse the eight very bare, very NSFW Playboy glossies of KimKar in all her disproportionately-large-ladybits glory, but unfortunately, sometime between last night and this afternoon the upstanding gentlemen who run the site decided to take the leaked photos down.

I know, I know, I'm making a sad face, too.

But be sure to take that disappointment and turn it upside down and inside out by checking out tonight's episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" at 10:30 on the E! Channel. Watching her do a swimsuit shoot certainly isn't the same as watching her make kitten eyes while wearing a triple-strand pearl-necklace "dress," but calm down, there are only a few more days 'til the December issue of Playboy hits a newsstand near you.

UPDATE: these pics now unavailable


Anonymous said...

I was just at Dlisted.com and the links posted there still worked ... maybe worth a try?

Johanna said...

This one?


The pictures, they are gone :-(

nemesis said...

Hi Johanna, I'm new to your blog. I love your style, but KimKar seems a far cry from it. Is she a guilty pleasure, or is there some allure I am missing? Just curious:)

Zarahome.com will be up in 8 hours!

Johanna said...


yes, I guess you could call her a guilty pleasure. although, to be perfecly honest, I don't really feel too guilty about it :-)

I don't like her style, I don't even really care for her show, but I do think she has an almost freakishly fantastic figure and an absolutely gorgeous face. Among her young, talentless Hollywood socialite sort, her looks are a rarity.

Zarahome.com??? Really?

Although...considering that I only get lucky with their random-ass sizing around 25% of the time, I'm not sure shopping online is such a good idea.

thanks for the tip, though!


samantha said...

They are there on dlisted - the post below the one you linked - http://dlisted.com/node/17273

Just click on the "here" "here" "here"'s.

brown rowergirl said...

She's gorgeous.

How are you feeling this morning, sweets?